Things you must know while buying Forex

Travelling Abroad? And don’t know where to buy forex?

Well, we are here to head you out from this confusion. Following are the tips that would help you to buy foreign exchange while you are planning a trip:

Where to Buy:

Various channels like banks , AD II Companies , FFMCs / Money Changers and airports are offering foreign exchange at different rates and schemes depending upon the destination you have chosen. The first thing is to verify that the dealer who is offering you foreign exchange should be a RBI Authorised Company . Many dealers offer forex currency with best rates assuring you the safety. Contrary to this, there are fraudulent Companies / people in the market that can mislead and can charge you very high rates . Take all the safety measures to prevent yourself from such deals / transactions.

Buy Foreign Exchange timely:

While you are so punctual about the booking of hotels, air tickets and making all other necessary arrangements, why to make a delay in exchanging your currency? You should buy foreign exchange well before your planned travel itinerary. The rates keep on fluctuating and last minute hassle can cause you to spend much more than you have expected.

Buy Forex Card:

With the world getting digital, cash no more plays an important role. While you are traveling abroad, you might be worried about your cash being lost/stolen. So, it’s better to carry less and save more in your forex cards and e-wallets. As forex cards work globally, so in case your card is lost, your money is still safe. Buying a forex card can help you roam carefree, and you can conveniently carry out transactions. So, buy forex card today and save yourself from the extra transaction charges that might be incurred on your debit/credit cards while you are on an international trip.

Buy Paul Merchants Forex Currency Card & enjoy following benefits:

  • We Offer Axis Bank, HDFC Bank & ICICI Bank Visa Forex Currency cards which are in both single currency as well as multi-currency cards.
  • Convenient & Safe to carry when traveling abroad.
  • Card enabled for withdrawal of destination currency through VISA ATM’s.
  • Can be used for shopping, hotels, bill payments and internet transactions.
  • Easy additional value reloads facility in case you run out of cash during your travel.
  • Card Validity is for 3-5 years depending on the issuing bank.

Follow 80-20 Rule:

Make a budget, so that you can have an idea of the total spending on your entire journey. Following 80-20 rule, can help you to carry less of cash in hand, saving the rest in your e-wallets or forex cards. Forex cards offer you the better services and your cash is safe with you in case of any theft or mishap.

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