Privacy Policy

Paul Merchants Ltd provides complete respect, privacy and security to the confidential customer information. All the information shared by customers is only used for the purpose of providing desired services to them. As such, the Company has strict policy in place to not to allow any unlawful, unethical access to the confidential information of the customer.

Individual Information and how we collect it:

Paul Merchants Ltd is committed to protect the privacy, confidentiality and sensitivity of the individual information shared by customers in the process of using or availing of products & services from the Company. This information is used in customising the products and services as per the requirements of the customers and in their best interest. The information collected from the customers is processed and stored in due compliance with legal and statutory requirements. The individual information includes the following:

  • Personal Information: It’s defined as all the information related to the identity of the person. It includes name, residential address, age, telephone number, address, occupation, email etc. It may include medical history also.
  • Sensitive or financial information: It’s defined as the confidential information related to the bank accounts, transactions, credit cards, debit cards, or other investment details of the customer.
  • Auxiliary information: It’s defined as the non-personal information that the company has access to, through the IP address of your device such as operating system, browser used etc. If customers use our official website, or of other business affiliates or any other officially aligned portal, then company can use data collection devices such as cookies to collect vital information to record your browsing preferences.

How We Secure Customer Information

Paul Merchants Ltd considers data security as the foundation of customer’s trust. With a view to ensure that there is no breach of confidentiality of the customer information , the Company and applies state-of-the-art procedures and processes which are aided by technology driven solutions.

Disclosure On Conditions

We firmly discourage the use of withheld customer information to advertise or any promotion of sorts, even by affiliated organizations. Our employees are well trained and committed to manage and protect the customer information. However, we may choose to grant information to the outsiders in the following conditions:

  • If any information is requisitioned by any Government Bodies, Law enforcement agencies, court of law or when such information is mandated by any regulatory guideline, order, instruction etc to be shared with any regulatory agency
  • If you use any money related service in collaboration with any third party, then Paul Merchants with your consent or as facilitated by your representative, will share your information as permitted by you or as required by the law.
  • Since we work in conjunction with various banks, businesses, insurance companies and Western Union, crucial data may be shared to facilitate your services, however in that case also the confidentiality of the customer information is ensured by the end user.

Apart from this, if other affiliated companies are involved in providing services, it’s our top priority to guard the confidential information from any security breach or unethical usage.

Online Security

We use firewall impediments, encryption systems and acceptance procedure, among others, to attain high standards of security of the customer information

We have adopted stringent security measures to protect our websites and other customer portals from any data loss, or any form of infringement. When you visit our websites, we may collect specific browsing information to improve your experience.