The top 5 destinations for travel in November 2018

So you have decided you want to travel more this year? Good on you! But are you still struggling to choose your next awakening destination. Definitely we have an easier way than just striding through travel magazines and books looking for that special destination.

Our ultimate month-vise travel guide is here for your rescue!

November! Winters is around the corner in the northern hemisphere with festivities popping up all around the world, we have curated for the best 5 places that you must visit in November to experience the best weather, climate, cultural festivities and everything else that can enhance your travel experience.


One of the best kept secrets of Caucasus, Armenia is a hotspot of architectural diversity, impressive scenery, intriguing history, cuisines and delicacies. Armenia is climatically extremist, from bone chilling winters to quite hot summers. This makes November the best time to visit the beautiful place. Weather in November here starts shifting from autumn to winter and offers little cold wind and great scenic views.

Breathe the wondrous vistas of Mount Ararat, a dormant volcano, and UNESCO World Heritage site – Geghard Monastery. Delight your palette with traditional Southern Caucasus delicacies and don’t miss the stuffed vine leaves and sticky sweet baklava.


Taiwan referred to as Asia’s most enticing and wonderful travel destination, offers the best mixture of tranquil temples, cosmopolitan cities, and lush landscapes. By November the season in Taiwan is moderate cold as winter starts to knock in.

In Taiwan you can do everything from biking to kayaking at one of the most breath-taking places the Sun Moon Lake. Trek the 4.4km Shakadang Trail and learn about the rich culture and heritage of tribes living in Taiwan. Stuff your face with one of the world’s best street food at Taipei and sip the wonderful and famous Yuchi black tea at a picturesque plantation.


Bhutan, the mystical and magical country has its 60% of land is covered under protected national forest and here people with white gloves direct the traffic. Bhutan has actively adopted a sustainable tourism approach by restricting the number of travellers who visit each year.

November in Bhutan is all about crisp, clear, and sunny days and moderate cold nights. Wander off to the capital Thimphu and explore the Buddhist monastery of Tashichho Dzong. Make your way to the world-renowned Tiger’s Nest Monastery, perched high on a cliffside overlooking the Paro Valley.


If sunshine is what you are after this November there can’t be any better place than Greece and its idyllic islands. November weather in Greece is all about moderate temperature – around 15 degrees Celsius, little cloudy and pleasant sea temperatures.

While in Greece make your way to Santorini for stonking sunsets, the historic site of Akrotiri for wineries and breath-taking views of the caldera. Enjoy vibrant nightlife at Mosy around Mykonos about Sifnos for local pottery workshops, the medieval village of Kastro and the striking white Chrysopigi Monastery. Amble across Amorgos for the cliffside Hozoviotissa monastery and to escape the usual tourist trail. And don’t forget that these are just a small handful of the Greek Islands waiting to be explored.


Right, so there’s one serious reason you should consider going to Germany in November and that’s DOM Winter Festival Hamburg, Jazzfest Berlin and many more! DOM Festival in Hamburg is North Germany’s biggest public festival and takes place next to the famous St. Pauli stadium. Coinciding with three of the seasons (spring, summer and winter), the festival has taken place three times a year since 1948. The winter edition runs for a month and starts on November 3rd.

Thrillseekers and traditionalists alike can find something which suit them; the festival has an array of rides and roller coasters to choose from and there’s plenty of different food stalls that cater to appetites ranging from peckish to completely ravenous

Feel regal at the 18th century Nymphenburg Palace, soak up the vibes in Marienplatz and get back to beer at Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, the legendary state-owned beer hall. Don’t miss out on the culture and history of Berlin either, with trips to the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Alexanderplatz, the graffiti-covered Berlin Wall and more.

So if you are planning your next travel to experience something new, then this November has a lot to offer!