Send Money

Send Money:

Using our Forex services, individuals and corporates can easily transfer funds to foreign accounts. If you are into a business in which you deal in foreign companies, then you can enjoy a hassle free outward remittance using our services. To provide your children studying in abroad timely financial assistance, you would love to use our outward remittance service. Our main advantages include competitive exchange rates, faster, easier and convenience remittances.

Outward Remittances:

Paul Merchants Ltd in association with globally famous US based company Western Union Business Solution offers outward remittance services for various purposes which include medical bills, sending money to relatives, universities and schools, charities and businesses.
schools, charities and businesses. Regardless to what commodity or product is being purchased – payment for that must be reached in exact amount and on exact time.

Managing Instable Exchange Rates:

While sending across international payments or to conduct any business overseas, fluctuating currency market always raises the expenses of a company, affects long term business planning, making it more complex and also affects revenues.
But, this situation will never arise, if you have efficient and speedy payment solution of Paul Merchants, which is perfectly capable to reduce the risk of currency fluctuation and thus, helps companies to provide a modest edge.

Transfer Funds With Sureness:

  • With Paul Merchants , you can send money with surety in as many as 135 varied currencies – whether it is Chinese Renminbi or Indian Rupee.
  • Concurrent Exchange Rates – It helps customers to find out exact amount of the payment.
  • It is a solution where you work with devoted Forex specialist and account manager.
  • It allows users to organize foreign receivables along with computerized reporting and simple reconciliation for receivable accounts – thus, you are given full payment process control here.
  • Check your payments online – From the lodgement to the release, everything can be checked from the web.
  • No need to make payments according to the timings of a bank – It allows users to make any transaction anytime during a day and from any place with a good internet connection.
  • The Automatic Notification indicates a person about the completion of the payment – the beneficiary is sent an email to notify about the processed payment.