Business Payment Solutions

Western Union Money Transfer

Business Payment Solutions

Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS)

WUBS enables companies of all sizes to send cross-border payments and manage foreign exchange. With long expertise in moving funds around the globe, access to over 135 currencies and a global financial network spanning over 200 countries, we help companies spend less time managing international financial transactions, and more time growing their businesses.

With extensive experience working with clients in a variety of sectors, we offer customized solutions for legal, financial and educational institutions.

Following the acquisitions of Travelex Global Business Payments, WUBS will become one of the world’s leading providers of cross-border business payments.

WUBS operates through locally licensed affiliates in over 18 countries. With over 140 years of experience in moving money, we understand the importance of speed, accuracy and reliability.

Our solutions are tailored to how you would like to work – booking payments at your convenience without going to the bank and avoiding unnecessary fees.

Why will someone use WUBS?

  • Free relationship management, with door-step service delivery to the importers.
  • Competitive transaction fee and foreign exchange rates
  • Email notifications to remitter and beneficiary on transaction booking – first of it’s kind.
  • Clear communication of all charges upfront.
  • Get professional advice for managing accounts and foreign exchange.
  • Complete visibility into transaction processing status.
  • Fast and reliable payment

Who should use WUBS?

  • Importers expecting better service delivery, relationship management, speed and reliability
  • Importers whose payments are reaching their exporters with a delay.
  • Importers who are dissatisfied from current service on Trade Transactions
  • Importes who need confirmation of their funds (e-mail notifications)
  • Instant Rate Confirmation